Building Blocks - APIs, SDKits

  • OAuth Authentication
  • Genability - Electricity Pricing Data
  • Onstar
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    • The following closed APIs will be made available on site
      • Demand Response: This solution connects utilities to companies that have intelligent energy management products. These companies can use OnStar to manage energy use for Volt customers who opt in for the service. This future service allows the customer to save money on energy costs while enabling more efficient use of the electric grid.
      • Time-of-Use: OnStar can receive dynamic TOU pricing from utilities and notify Volt owners of the rate plan offers via email. Owners will be able to use OnStar to load the rate plans directly into their vehicle and access them to schedule charging during lower-rate periods.
      • EV Vehicle Info: OnStar also sends and receives EV data that helps utility providers without having to interface with the vehicle’s electric vehicle supply equipment. This includes location-based EV data that identifies charging locations and determines potential load scenarios. This will give the utility better insight for forecasting demand, setting rates and determining the best location for charging infrastructure. This enables things like Home Energy Management.
  • Panoptix - Building Data
  • ParkWhiz
  • Tendril - Energy Data
  • Temboo - ToolKit
  • SF Bay Area
    • 511 provides several data feeds for developers who'd like to create applications, widgets, and other tools using 511 data. We also provide customizable tools and features for use on your own website. All data sources and tools are free-of-charge. We'd simply like you to provide attribution to 511; details are provided in the agreement for each data feed or tool.
  • SFPark - SFMTA Data
    • SFpark encourages independent developers and researchers to use its public API and open source data to create new apps and data visualizations that support the project’s goal of making parking more readily available. The data feed provides real-time parking availability and pricing information for publicly owned garages and metered blocks within SFpark pilot areas.
  • White House

Social APIs

Data Sets

City of San Francisco
  • Planning Neighborhoods
    • Neighborhoods according to the Department of City Planning. Data is available in zipped ESRI shapefile format.
  • Building Footprints
    • This data layer shows building footprints for the City and County of San Francisco as of June 2011.
  • SFMTA Transit Stop and Schedule Data (GTFS format)
    • SFMTA transit stop and schedule data available in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format.
  • SFMTA routes and stops for March2012
    • Contains stops and routes for the SFMTA's March 2012 Sign Up period
  • NextMuni vehicle prediction data
    • Page contains instructions for accessing real-time transit data concerning vehicle arrival predictions.
  • Traffic Control Signal Locations in San Francisco (Zipped Shapefile Format)
    • Traffic Control Signal Locations in San Francisco, maintained by SFMTA.
  • BART Districts in San Francisco (Zipped Shapefile Format)
    • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Districts, as designated by the Department of Elections
  • SFO Passenger, Cargo, Aircraft Landing Datasets
    • The SFO air traffic datasets include passenger counts, cargo weight, and aircraft landing counts and landed weight at the airport.
  • Parking meters
    • All parking meters owned by the SFMTA and the Port of San Francisco as of September 2011. Find attached a data dictionary, a version of the map as a PDF, and a shapefile of the data. This data includes locations of meters; meter characteristics, such as single-space or multi-space meter, smart meter status, sensor status, owner, on or off-street location; rate areas; cap colors (use type and restrictions): Black: Motorcycle parking, Brown: Tour bus parking, Green: Short term parking, Grey: General metered parking, Purple: Boat trailer parking, Red: Six-wheeled commercial vehicle parking, Yellow: Commercial vehicle parking.
Premium Resources
  • DataMarket
    • Collects heterogenous data from disparate locations, normalizes and stores them via the DataMarket platform for developer & researcher use. The service takes the data provided openly, and adds value by increasing the simplicity of use and discoverability on top. Searchable like google.