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Converging technologies that companies and their partners can leverage.
M2M M2M / Internet of Things
How wireless communications, embedded intelligence, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications are creating smarter fleets and buildings, monitoring and managing energy use and connecting billions of devices.
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Data, Open, Shared Data: Big, Open, Shared
Massive data flows and computing power is leading to apps that imbue utilities, transportation systems, and cities with new capabilities that benefit businesses and consumers.
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Energy, Utilities, + the Cloud
Energy managers are moving to cloud-based IT processes and applications to efficiently and profitably run data centers and other facilities. Utilities are adjusting to changing operating & technology environments, from smart meters to distributed generation, with implications for their customers.
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Internal and external collaborations and innovations that allow organizations and their partners to seize VERGE opportunities.
Smarter Supply Chains
How data-sharing, RFID, and track-and-trace technologies are being leveraged to reduce risk and create competitive advantage in global supply chains.
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The New Ecosystems The New Ecosystems
Company engagement in a vast web of relationships to exploit convergence, from industry standards to employee engagement to NGO partnerships.
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Financing the Future Financing the Future
New financing models that overcome first-cost hurdles of new technologies and provide innovative new revenue streams for companies.
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What can happen when organizations and their partners leverage the technologies.
Cities 2.0 Cities 2.0
How networked technologies, public-private partnerships and sustainability strategies are changing the way cities provide solutions for citizens and businesses.
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Connected Vehicles Connected Vehicles
Always-on connectivity and multiple real-time data flows are creating break-throughs in vehicles, fleets, and logistics, enabling location-based services and new transportation business models.

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Next-Gen Buildings Next-Gen Buildings
How an advanced building operates, harnessing automation systems, embedded sensors, whole-building design, data transparency.

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