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Energy Program

Decarbonizing, decentralizing and digitizing energy systems to be more resilient, affordable and accessible. 

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The Energy Program brings together leaders working towards a clean, resilient and affordable energy future. The program centers on today's most salient solutions and opportunities for stakeholders to deploy renewables, future-proof our energy systems, decarbonize energy-intensive processes, and create a distributed energy future.

Key Topics:

  • Renewable Procurements - Sponsored by

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  • Distributed Energy Resources

  • Energy Resilience - Sponsored by

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  • Electrification

  • Industrial Decarbonization - Sponsored by 


Participants include professionals in:

  • Energy, facility & building managers

  • Renewable procurement leads

  • Resilience officers

  • Policymakers & advocates

  • Utility leaders

  • Software platforms for DER intergration

  • NGOs & industry groups


GreenBiz Group and the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) are joining forces to co-create the Energy Program at VERGE 23. This year, CEBA members will gain access to the cross-cutting VERGE content across all six programs: energy, carbon, food, transport, buildings and startups, in addition to CEBA member-only content – including a private reception, opportunities for deeper connections in smaller groups and the invite-only energy customer afternoon.

Learn more about the integration of CEBA Connect at VERGE 23 here.

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"Decarbonizing the power sector is the easiest of the hard things we need to do to address the climate crisis. It's foundational for decarbonize every part of the economy, from transport to industry. The Energy Program at VERGE is designed to connect and catalyze energy buyers accelerating this transition, empowering leaders and learners to go further and reach breakthroughs faster."

VP, Energy & Director, VERGE Program
GreenBiz Group