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Food Program

Transforming food systems to equitably feed a more populous planet while conserving and regenerating the natural world. 


The VERGE 23 Food Program showcases the organizations and innovations making global food systems more sustainable, just, nourishing and resilient. Join the conversation to discover the most impactful strategies, technologies and products enabling food systems transformation and connect with the leaders bringing them to life.

Key Topics:

  • Regenerative Agriculture 

  • Supply Chain Decarbonization

  • Emerging Technologies  

  • Food Loss and Waste

  • Shifting Diets


Participants include professionals in:

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Ag solutions

  • Foodservice

  • Research and innovation 

  • Policy

  • Startups

Theresa Lieb

"Creating a global food system that balances human needs and desires with our planet's boundaries requires pragmatic and transformative steps. The VERGE 23 Food Program will provide food and agriculture leaders with both. Workshops, discussions and intimate networking – among many other opportunities – will equip professionals with tangible tools that make an immediate difference and the approaches and connections they need to achieve fundamental shirts in their organizations."

Vice President, Nature & Europe
GreenBiz Group