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100% renewably-powered 

verge 23 conference program

Since 2013, GreenBiz has built 100% renewably-powered microgrids to help power our VERGE events. The microgrid is an essential component of VERGE and acts as a visual example of the climate tech solutions the event brings to the forefront.

Tours will be available throughout the event to learn about the interoperability, resilience and radical efficiency of these technology solutions.

About the Microgrid

The VERGE microgrid is the world’s largest temporary microgrid demonstrating the power, resilience and efficiency of distributed energy solutions. Each microgrid is built on-site using a combination of off-the-shelf components from startups and leading solution providers. See this year's VERGE microgrid exhibitors below.

Tour Schedule

Meet at the Ageto booth

Tuesday, Oct 24

1:00 - 1:25 PM: Microgrid Tour

3:05 - 3:30 PM: Microgrid Tour

Wednesday, Oct 25

1:00 - 1:25 PM: Microgrid Tour

3:50 - 4:15 PM: Microgrid Tour

Thursday, Oct 26

12:45 - 1:10 PM: Microgrid Tour

VERGE Expo Microgrid Tour

Ageto ARC Microgrid Controller

The Ageto ARC Microgrid Controller is a robust, reliable and highly flexible control solution designed to amplify the value of your energy resources in three-phase behind-the-meter and off-grid microgrid installations. The ARC controller acts as the single interface for your entire system, providing autonomous system control and optimization, data collection and visualization, alarm handling and countless other features designed to ease the operation and maintenance of these complex and high investment systems. The microgrid experts at Ageto are committed partners calling on decades of storage and generator experience to exceed project expectations.


Sesame.Solar Renewable Mobile Nanogrid

Sesame Solar is decarbonizing disaster response and off-grid power with the world’s first renewably powered Mobile Nanogrid. Powered by solar + green hydrogen + battery storage, Sesame’s Nanogrids start generating Clean Mobile Power in <15 minutes and are easily transported to bring clean power and essential services where it’s needed. Sesame’s Nanogrids are fast to deploy, easy to use and flexible for dozens of use cases including disaster response, powering telecommunications, mobile medical clinics, clean water generation and more.  

Sesame solar microgrid

NACFE OK Produce eCascadia

A bi-annual joint effort between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI, Run on Less is a trucking demonstration that showcases advancements in freight efficiency. This year’s event, Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT), featured 10 fleet depots with 15+ Class 3 to 8 battery electric vehicles operating in the U.S. and Canada. Data was collected from 22 trucks operating out of the 10 fleet depots. Initial findings tell us that small depots are ready for electrification now and electrification at large depots is becoming more possible, and much more. RoL-E DEPOT participant OK Produce joins us with an eCascadia. Visit for more information.

Ok Produce eCascadia