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Healthy Buildings Resilience: Preparing for Wildfires, Airborne Diseases, and Climate Events

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Two global crises — the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change — have forced us to rethink the way buildings are operated. A set of simple, low-cost healthy building approaches can protect us from wildfire smoke, respiratory pathogens, heat and other threats we encounter in our buildings everyday. This session will cover the science and technology being used to improve the indoor environmental quality in our homes and offices. Hear from experts on how to balance indoor air quality investments with energy efficiency goals, and the broader opportunity to improve wellness for occupants. This practical session will offer attendees actionable advice on how to make these changes in their own company’s operations. Improving how we design and operate our buildings is nothing short of the single greatest public health intervention of the 21st century.

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