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Special Programs


The VERGE 23 special programs are a combination of activities, sessions and programs — featuring bold and innovative voices, artwork and ideas — that leverage the power of technology to address the climate crisis and build a clean economy.

  Evening Activities

Beat! That! Heat! A Climate Action Game Show

In Partnership with The Go Game

Date: Tuesday, October 24th (8:00-11:00pm), Game Show from (9:00-10:00pm)

Location: Guildhouse, 420 First St, San Jose, CA 95113

Imagine if Family Feud, Celebrity Lipsync Battle, and Nickelodeon’s Double Dare all joined forces to save the planet. Welcome to Beat! That! Heat! - an interactive game show where players contribute to climate solutions while having a great time. The game is a 1-hour experience where teams compete in wacky, absurd challenges while they learn about the science and the art of cooling the planet. Drawdown? Check. Carbon Metric Tons? Check. 80s-inspired Dance-offs? Checkity check. No advance sign-up is required to attend this activity.

Beat! That! Heat!

Rise Up: After Dark Party

Date: Wednesday, October 25th (8:30pm-12:00am)

Location: The Ritz (400 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95112)

The Rise Up: After Dark Party is the official fundraiser for, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and empowering BIPOC professionals to accelerate a just transition to a clean economy. The funds raised from this event support and its flagship Emerging Leaders Program.


Rise Up: After Dark Party

Activations and Experiences at VERGE


Art @ VERGE is an integral part of VERGE 23. We believe that art has the power to transcend traditional boundaries and spark meaningful conversations, inspiring change in the process. Our program showcases exceptional works of art from talented artists across the globe. These pieces illuminate the critical themes of our time, particularly those related to climate change and sustainability. The selection process was meticulous, with each submission evaluated for its ability to engage with our audience.


Cyclist with musician

Nature Corridor

Presented by Pachama

Explore the walkway that bridges the two worlds of VERGE and Bloom. Along the way, understand how Pachama sees carbon in action, with nature as their partner; all through the lens of tech and leading restoration projects.

pachama corridor

Speculative Futures

Presented by IDEO

Immersive, futuristic vignettes about how business and society will have to reconfigure themselves to thrive and grow within our planetary boundaries. Each vignette combines human insight with emerging technology to imagine how we might address a complex sustainability challenge:

  • Waste-less Living

  • Electrification of Everything

  • AI x Climate

More information can be found on their website here.

nature imagery on a colorful background

Zendarium Recharge Room

Presented by Rainforest Connection

By Brian Schrier/Zendarium

A multisensory installation drawing inspiration from Bernie Krause, Schrier transports viewers into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, engaging sight, sound, touch, and smell. The installation employs Rainforest Connection’s nature recording hardware to capture authentic sounds of the Amazon, tracking climate change, migration patterns, species density, and illegal logging. These sounds, presented through an eight-channel surround soundscape, are complemented by dynamic lighting, temperature, and humidity variations, creating a synesthetic environment that authentically replicates the original rainforest settings. This immersive experience is a call to action, aiming to inspire respect and understanding of these delicate ecosystems at risk, and promoting conservation awareness through experiential art.


Sunset and treetops

Revel expansion to the West Coast

EV adoption is stuck in neutral in America’s dense cities. With no at-home charging and scarce public charging, drivers can’t switch to electric. With no demand, charging developers won’t invest in costly urban cores. Revel’s model is solving this problem. Today, Revel has the largest network of public fast charging in New York City and operates the country’s first all-electric, all-employee rideshare service, with over 500 EVs and 1,500 W2 employee drivers. EV rideshare guarantees utilization of the fast charging hubs, allowing Revel to grow both in unison. In the next year, Revel is expanding to 500 fast chargers between NYC and the Bay Area, breaking ground in the West Coast very soon.

Revel electric rideshare cars


GreenWaste Material Recovery Facility Tour

Location: 625 Charles St, San Jose, CA 95112

The GreenWaste San Jose MRF is Northern California’s premier high diversion organic waste and recyclables processing facility, earning the Gold Excellence Award for Recycling Systems from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). The GreenWaste MRF incorporates three distinct processing facilities, each designed to separate and divert different types of materials.

Tour times:

Tuesday 10/24: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Wednesday 10/25: 8am - 9am

Thursday 10/26: 8am - 9am

Note that space is limited to 7 people/tour. You will receive confirmation from the GreenBiz team prior to the tour if your sign up is confirmed.

GreenWaste tour

From Hands to Soil: One Tree Planted Tree-Planting Volunteer Day

Date: Tuesday, October 24th (9:00am-11:30am)

Location: Veggielution Community Farm

Come join us for a One Tree Planted tree-planting event in San Jose! You will work in teams to plant native and pollinator trees and shrubs on the site of Veggielution Community Farm, an exciting community-building farm whose mission is to connect people from diverse backgrounds through food and farming to build community in East San Jose.

One Tree Planted's vision is straightforward: we want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world. Since 2014, we have more than doubled the number of trees planted each year, and are working with partners across 80+ countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. 

Our local event is being coordinated by the North Santa Clara Resource Conservation District, a local public agency dedicated to providing education and technical assistance to watershed stakeholders to sustainably manage soil, water and wildlife with the best available science. The day's planting activities - including a quick training session before you start - will be supervised by staff and volunteers for Point Blue Conservation Science's STRAW Program, a collaborative network of students and teachers leading their communities to restore local ecosystems.  Learn more about One Tree Planted here.

one tree planted logo

From Vision to Reality – Touring Adobe’s All-Electric, Renewable Energy-Powered Office Building

Date: Thursday, October 26th (8:45am - 10:30am)

Location: Adobe Founders Tower

Join us for a tour and fireside chat in Adobe’s newest HQ building, Founders Tower, the largest all-electric building of its scale in Silicon Valley powered by 100% renewable electricity. The office is a beacon of the company’s commitment to climate action across operations, product, and policy. Come learn, see and even taste how Adobe is thinking about sustainability across its operations – from the design of its buildings to its culinary experiences. Attendees will glean best practices and lessons learned from Adobe around its overall sustainability strategy, infrastructure, emissions reduction and renewable electricity commitments, and industry trends that can benefit other corporate building projects and the environment. Founders Tower is a 1.2 million square foot, 18-story building that was created with a sustainability-first mindset and designed to meet the workplace needs of the future. This Building also has 50,000 square feet of kitchen space complete with induction cooking technology – making it the largest all-electric commercial kitchen in North America.

*This session is taking place at Adobe Founders Tower, located at 333 W San Fernando St., near the San Jose Convention Center, and includes a fireside chat and walking tour with Q&A.


-Kati Kallins, Lead for Sustainability, Adobe

-Gordon Ladds, Senior Manager of Global Site Operations, Adobe

-Mirit Cohen, Senior Manager of Global Workplace Experience Programs, Adobe


This tour is now full.

adobe logo

Toward a Carbon-Free Future: Inside Google's Sunnyvale Thermal Plant

Date: Tuesday, October 24th (9:00-10:00am + 10:00-11:00am)

Google is sponsoring a tour of our thermal energy plant in Sunnyvale, California, for VERGE23 attendees. Learn how we've designed the facility to serve as a big "battery" for clean energy, helping us make progress toward our goal to operate our offices on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030.


This tour is now full.


Google logo for tours