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Startup Program

Supporting investors and entrepreneurs with innovative technologies, products and services across the climate landscape. 

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The Startup Program is for entrepreneurs, investors and accelerators committed to leveraging the power of technology to address the climate crisis. The program includes leading climate tech startups, industry experts, and top investors. VERGE is where the climate tech community gathers to accelerate innovative solutions.

Key Topics:

  • Fundraising & Investment 

  • Commercialization & Scale 

  • Curated Networking 

  • People & Culture 

  • Policy


Participants include professionals in:

  • Climate tech startups

  • VCs and Investors 

  • Corporate venture and innovation 

  • Investor Relations

  • Business Development 

  • Political Expertise


Startup discount

We are pleased to offer startups a 40% discount off the VERGE 23 All-Access Pass. This discount must be applied at the time of registration and cannot be applied retroactively.

This discount may not be combined with other offers, including the group discount, GreenBiz registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. To apply the Startup discount, click apply for the discount.

The startup rate does not apply for sole proprietorships or consultancies.

Apply for Startup discount

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Innovation Imperative

The Innovation Imperative Session is a place to uplift and accelerate underrepresented climate tech funders and founders. Organizations will combine forces to work toward increasing representation of women and BIPOC innovators in the climate tech ecosystem. We will feature those working on the ground, then dive into group conversations and solutions. During this session, we will form common goals and objectives to achieve together. 

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Startup Pavilion

The Startup Pavilion is an area of the VERGE Expo dedicated to climate tech innovation. Nearly 200 participating startups have the opportunity to showcase their work and impact to investors, corporate partners and government leaders. Startups also have an opportunity to pitch to the dynamic VERGE audience and meet with investors in the Investor Lounge. Plus the Startup commonspace provides an area to lounge, network, or grab a coffee.

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Startup Happy Hour

Date: October 25 (5:15-7pm)

Join the startup exhibitors in the Startup Pavilion for a drink during happy hour! All exhibitors will be on-site, meaning you will have the opportunity to meet numerous climate tech accelerators and nearly 200 brilliant startups. Don't miss the chance to dive into the climate tech innovation space and find out how you can work with these leading businesses.

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Sherrie Totoki Director of Startups at GreenBiz

"Climate tech startups create value across every industry, disrupting economic models in new ways every day. Innovators, investors, and customers of these impactful technologies are leading us into the future we want to see. VERGE is the place where these key connections build momentum to accelerate real climate progress." 

Sr. Director, Startup Programs