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Transport Program

Accelerating electric, clean and equitable transportation and logistics that reduce emissions and improve lives. 

verge 23 conference program

The VERGE 23 Transport Program explores how to accelerate the development and use of clean and equitable transportation systems. The transition to a sustainable transport economy is well underway — join us to connect with leaders at the forefront of advancing the technologies, partnerships and promising practices paving the way to a future of decarbonized and efficient transportation that's accessible to all.

Key Topics:

  • Electrification

  • Sustainable Fuels

  • Fleets 

  • Mobility & Logistics

  • Policy


Participants include professionals in:

  • Fleet managers

  • Utilities

  • Transportation planners

  • Vehicle manufactures

  • Policy makers

  • Infrastructure providers 

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Financiers

VERGE fleet electrification demo
Vartan Badalian

"The Transport Program is a home for transportation industry leaders to share, collaborate and uncover solutions. VERGE is the central meeting point for the world's brightest minds focused on electrifying and decarbonizing transportation, fostering innovation and energizing the community for the road ahead. For those returning to VERGE and others joining us for the first time, I look forward to continuing our work to create the future we all aspire to achieve." 

Director, Transportation
GreenBiz Group