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Climate Tech Commercialization Forum


Hard-to-abate industries are key in commercializing and scaling climate tech innovations from early-stage companies. But the handoff from startup to large corporations is fraught with challenges: differing cultures, communication issues and timescales, along with a frequent lack of intuition about what it takes for the other to succeed. These issues slow the uptake of promising technologies and reduce their positive impacts on the climate crisis.

The half-day, invitation-only Climate Tech Commercialization forum — hosted in partnership with the nonprofit science entrepreneur fellowship organization, Activate — brings together representatives from large companies and the startup ecosystem to work through friction points and identify paths forward in scaling climate tech innovations.


Tuesday, Oct. 29,  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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An audience of 50-60 invitation-only participants from large companies (R&D, corporate venture, sustainability roles), startups (those currently engaged with corporates), accelerators and innovation experts in hard-to-abate sectors — including manufacturing and logistics, shipping, aviation, concrete and steel, and chemicals.

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All forum participants must be approved to attend and must also be registered for VERGE 24 with an All-Access Pass, Group Pass or One-Day Tuesday Pass. To request an invitation, please fill out the invitation request form. If you do not see a form, please enable javascript in your browser.