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Speaker Nomination

Submission deadline: May 3, 2024

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About VERGE 24 

VERGE 24 is the center of gravity for professionals catalyzing transformative, profitable change through deploying climate tech at scale. We convene more than 6,000 leaders from across functions, industries and sectors to explore emerging trends, take stock of new technologies, and work to accelerate the speed and scale of impact.

Where and When 

October 29-31, 2024 | San Jose Convention Cente

The Tracks

VERGE is designed to showcase climate tech solutions to support the rapid decarbonization organizations and value chains. The program is divided into six tracks, with more than 100 sessions that highlight emerging opportunities to transition operations — efficiently and affordably:

  • Buildings — Technologies and pathways to decarbonize the built environment, both in manufacturing and in operations.
  • Carbon — Carbon accounting, removal and crediting strategies to embed net zero throughout operations and support carbon markets.
  • Energy — Opportunities to leverage decarbonized, decentralized and resilient energy within operations.
  • Food & Ag — Solutions accelerating the transition to climate-smart food systems.
  • Industry — Technologies and contract models enabling industrial decarbonization, both within operations and for suppliers.
  • Transport — How organizations are decarbonizing transportation emissions and deploying solutions at scale.

What We Value

  • Fresh and Convergent Content: We aim to elevate the latest trends, innovations and approaches to accelerating climate solutions, and prioritize topics that are systemic and interconnected by nature.
  • Case Studies and Best Practices: We want to create a space where peers can learn from one another successes and setbacks to ease the path to decarbonize. 
  • Creativity and Interactivity: We strive to expand participants’ perspectives, catalyze new ways of thinking and facilitate meaningful peer-to-peer learning and interactions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitments

We are committed to elevating the leadership of speakers with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We believe diversity leads to stronger, systemic solutions that serve all communities. Our goals are to:

  • Include the perspective of a BIPOC speaker in every session with three or more people (including the moderator);
  • Include gender diversity in every session with two or more people (including the moderator); and
  • Increase the total number of BIPOC speakers across the entire event.

Please keep these commitments in mind and consider your proposed speaker’s background when submitting your nomination.

Session Formats 

  • Panel (60 min): A moderated discussion with no more than four speakers (including the moderator) and ample time to address questions from the audience.
  • Interview (60 min): A conversation between a speaker and a moderator. This format is a deep dive into a speaker’s expertise or research, and should include ample time to address questions from the audience. 
  • Case Study (60 min): A session featuring an impactful and original approach to tackling a tough climate challenge. This is an opportunity to highlight a new initiative or collaboration, and spark the imagination of attendees.  
  • Workshop (60-120 min): A session designed to facilitate small group interactions and generate solutions to a predetermined challenge or opportunity. 
  • Other (60 min): GreenBiz is always experimenting with new formats that break out of the traditional panel structure. Let us know what creative ideas you have to best share your story and engage the VERGE community. 


Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, GreenBiz will only respond to nominations that we are interested in pursuing and will do so by June 4, 2024. We encourage you to submit your proposal early, as speaking slots fill up quickly.

To learn more about last year’s program, please visit the VERGE 24 event page.