VERGE Hawaii 2016 - Program Overview

Program Overview

VERGE Hawaii offers more than 70 inspiring main stage sessions, in-depth workshops and engaging breakouts exploring how Hawaii will reach 100% clean energy by 2045. The wide variety of thought-provoking sessions, the VERGE Interconnect solutions showcase, and countless opportunities for networking with leaders and practitioners, makes VERGE Hawaii the premier event for leaders building a sustainable energy future. Scroll down to view a sample of program highlights.

Governor's Address

Last year, Governor Ige signed into law the most aggressive clean energy goal in the country. What has happened since then, and where do we go from here?

The Power of the Private Sector in the Clean Energy Economy

MGM Resorts International has become a leader in large-scale renewable energy installations on its properties. The company's chief sustainability officer and former CFO provides insights and inspiration on the business case for on-site renewables as well as innovative partnerships that can ensure success.

Innovation and U.S. Electric Power Markets (with Hawaii Energy Backgrounder)

Providing a background on Hawaii's power market as context, this workshop will look at the rationale for competitive U.S. power markets, their evolution over the past decade, the rapid growth of new technologies, and some of the key issues on the horizon, participants will learn the basic framework of competitive power and regulated markets, including variations between regional markets; gain insight into how power markets affect end-use customers, both now and in the future; and look at new and emerging technologies and business models affecting power market dynamics and customer relationships.

Topics include The Origin of The US Grid and Emergence of Monopolies and Utility Holding Companies; The Birth of Competitive Power; The Current Structure: Regulated and Restructured Power Markets and How They Function – A Look at Various US Markets; Resilience and Reliability: A Growing Challenge; and New Technologies, New Models, Smart Grid and Our Energy Future

Future-Ready Now: Designing an Ecosystem Approach to a Sustainable Grid

In this workshop, we will produce potential systemic solutions to deliver on Hawaii’s ambitious goal of 100% renewably powered energy in the electricity sector by 2045. Attendees can expect to be fully immersed in a fast paced environment designed for collaborative innovation. Participants will hone their skills at cross sector collaboration and leading the design of new solutions.

We use an innovation framework that unlocks the potential of a future perspective, the power of working in ecosystems, and the momentum of exponential trends. Teams get to present their solutions to each other, demonstrating how much can be accomplished in a short time frame when the conditions are right. Participants leave with comprehensive but simple frameworks, lasting relationships, and new personal capacities to lead into the future. This workshop benefits from having a diversity of participants, a background in energy is not required.