VERGE Accelerate: A global stage for technology disrupters
VERGE Accelerate is a fast-pitch showcase that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of the diverse VERGE audience: executives from the world’s largest companies, public officials from progressive cities, venture capitalists and others.

Accelerate is part of VERGE®, GreenBiz Group’s global event series focused on how technology accelerates sustainability solutions across industries and sectors — in particular, the convergence of energy, information, building and transportation technologies, and the opportunities it brings to business, cities, the environment and society.

VERGE Accelerate pitch competition

The Pitch: Exposure to a global audience
Selected companies give a 2.5-minute pitch from the main stage of VERGE to an audience of ~1200 attendees. The sessions are also live-streamed to a global audience and video captured for archive on A text-to-vote mechanism allows the audience to decide the winner of each in real-time.

Selection Process: The community decides
The 2014 VERGE Accelerate selection process eliminated written applications in favor of more dynamic, engaging, 60-second video submissions. For 2015, we'll be doing the same.

Eligibility Criteria: Who gets to pitch?

Participating companies:

  • are developing technology solutions (commercially applicable products or services) related to at least one of the VERGE domains of buildings, energy, water, food, cities, transportation, logistics or manufacturing;
  • are incorporated and have a product ready for testing or deployment;
  • have less than $2M in combined investment and current revenue.

Do you want to be a VERGE Accelerate Partner? Know other companies or organizations that should be? General questions? All can be directed to Shana Rappaport, Director of Engagement for VERGE, at [email protected].

VERGE Accelerate was the most highly rated keynote session at VERGE SF 2014. Congratulations to our two winners, Strawberry energy and PrimoWind — and to all our finalists. More coverage here on the 2014 competition and surprise twist ending. Congratulations to all our semi-finalists, as well, whose nomiation videos remain below.

Bandwagon: Easily share rides, taxis, and car services

SeePolitical: Clear, informed, empowered voting

WattTime: Choose your energy source with your phone

Persistent Efficiency: Data from buildings quickly, easily and reliably

I'm in control: Energy savings for 4M smaller buildings

HydroRun: Harnessing the power of rivers

LocalData: Better data makes better cities

Strawberry energy: Solar powered community gathering spots

Textizen: Reach people where they are

PrimoWind: Rooftop wind technology without the whirlybird

Maxout: Breakthrough solar inverters

Ohmconnect: Building power plants on your phone

Valor Water Analytics: Better analytics for water utilities

Dropcountr: Making water use personal

ecoqoob: Become an energy detective

OndaVia: Making water testing fast and easy

MuniRent: Government-owned heavy equipment meets the sharing economy