VERGE Interconnect, VERGE SF’s interactive vendor and technology showcase, brings technology convergence to life and puts it to work in the form of a functional microgrid. It's a living, vivid demonstration of the future of distributed energy generation, smart systems and resilience.

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Details: Interconnect Expo Pass allows you to attend VERGE Interconnect on Wednesday, Oct 29th, and Thursday, October 30th from 12:00-7:00, including select Keynotes, Expo, Food Tech Snack-Down, EV test drive station, as well as Wednesday night VERGE After-Dark party.


See what’s possible today with off-the-shelf equipment. The Interconnect MicroGrid lets you see first-hand how these technologies work together and can be deployed in real-world settings. LED lights and interactive features visualize the energy and data flows in real time. You'll see the featured technologies and the processes they enable: demand response, machine-to-machine communications, building automation and more.

Video Highlights


See over 40 exhibitors with dedicated sessions demonstrating solutions for demand response, machine-to-machine communications, building automation and more.

EV Test Drive Station

Test drive a variety of electric vehicles, including electric bikes and skateboards.

Pop-up Parklet

Enjoy the Interconnect micro-park, reclaiming a city block behind the Palace Hotel, and creating a relaxed space for networking, lounging, or dining.


Watch select VERGE keynotes with Amory Lovins and Apple's Lisa Jackson.

Food Tech Snack-Down

Mealworms as food

The Food Tech Snack-down showcases food from five of the most novel and disruptive food companies.  Sample delicious algae-based baked goods, insects, and other alternative proteins.

VERGE After Dark

VERGE After Dark Party

Join a community of industry leaders and change makers on Wednesday, October 29th, for a special evening of connection, music and more.