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VERGE Summit Series

Thursday, Sept 22, 12:30pm - 5:00pm

The Sustainable Transportation Summit is a half-day, invitation-only working session on September 22, bringing together government and policy makers, vehicle manufacturers, transportation service suppliers, energy producers and infrastructure providers to explore the policies, business models and new technologies needed to make clean, efficient transportation accessible to all. Participation will be limited to no more than 100 people.

The transportation sector is responsible for more than 25 percent of carbon emissions, mainly from automobiles. Meanwhile, mass transit infrastructure is aging and cities and metropolitan regions are tasked with moving more people, efficiently and safely, while decreasing congestion and pollution. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are making significant gains in electric, autonomous, connected and shared vehicles, but many of these solutions are years away from widespread use. Cities, universities and large employers are among those seeking ways to move people with increasing efficiency and low emissions.

What you can expect to learn:

  • What’s Possible: What’s needed to accelerate the development of transportation systems that reduce emissions, alleviate congestion and enable healthy, resilient cities
  • Who’s Who: Where you fit in the ecosystem, including the adjacent players who can be powerful and effective allies and collaborators
  • Moving Forward: Key actions you can take, individually and through your organization, that can move the needle

The Summit begins with an opening lunch to set the agenda. Participants will then engage in a series of facilitated discussions focused on identifying challenges and generating potential solutions to accelerate more sustainable transportation systems. The Summit is designed to be an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves experience, with few speeches and slide presentations. 

Topics we will explore include:

  1. Electrification: Creating an integrated electrified transportation infrastructure and ancillary services that enable efficient and distributed energy resources.
  2. Data and Connectivity: Harnessing data to significantly increase the efficiency of transportation systems in cities.
  3. New Business Models: Scaling electric, shared and autonomous vehicles to become the dominant mode of regional transportation.
  4. Access and Walkability: Retrofitting cities and incenting citizens to choose mass transit, car-sharing, walking or biking over single-occupant vehicles.
  5. Social Equity: Ensuring affordable mobility solutions reach traditionally underserved communities.
  6. Goods Movement: Enabling the availability of low-carbon freight solutions for efficient movement of things.

Who Attends

Attendance is by invitation only to ensure a balanced audience at the executive level:

  • Transportation manufacturers, suppliers and service providers
  • Transportation officials and policy makers
  • Transportation and urban planners
  • Energy utility and infrastructure executives
  • Finance/investment professionals
VERGE Transportation Summit

Snapshot: Who's Attending

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