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VERGE Summit Series

Tuesday, Sept 20, 12:30pm - 5:30pm

The Utility of the Future Summit is a half-day, invitation-only working session on September 20, focusing on disruptive market shifts, evolving business models and new technologies needed to bring affordable, renewable power to market in a disparate policy and regulatory environment. Utilities, corporate energy executives, independent power producers, solution providers and government officials will participate in a facilitated discussion to identify barriers and opportunities for adapting to a shifting energy marketplace. Participation will be limited to no more than 100 people.

The utility industry is undergoing unprecedented change, buffeted by a number of forces. Wind production in the U.S. has hit record highs, natural gas prices are at record lows, and solar photovoltaic adoption is continuing to grow to unprecedented levels. Energy storage prices are projected to drop, several states are proactively targeting alternative resources such as demand response and distributed generation, and the Clean Power Plan has yet to be implemented. State renewable energy standards, while under fire in some states, remain largely intact, and with new ones coming online. Corporate and institutional energy buyers are seeking energy security and resilience, leading some to opt out of traditional utility-customer relationships. And innovative smart-grid technologies are adding new capabilities and services — and new customer expectations.

What you can expect to learn:

  • What’s Possible: How energy utilities and customers need to adapt in an era of distributed, clean energy sources and smart-grid technologies
  • Who’s Who: Where you fit in the ecosystem, including the adjacent players who can be powerful and effective allies and collaborators
  • Moving Forward: Key actions you can take, individually and through your organization, that can move the needle 

The Summit begins with an opening lunch to set the agenda. Participants will then engage in a series of facilitated discussions focused on identifying challenges and generating potential solutions to accelerate the adoption of clean energy. The Summit is designed to be an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves experience, with few speeches and slide presentations. 

Topics we will explore include:


  1. Business Models: Ensuring utilities remain viable in a world of clean, distributed energy resources (DERs), while not burdening ratepayers inequitably.
  2. Market Design: Evolving rate structures and other regulatory components to accommodate and accelerate clean energy.
  3. Public-Sector Engagement: Enabling municipalities and other jurisdictions to dramatically accelerate adoption of DERs.
  4. Private-Sector Engagement: Packaging DERs and related services for corporate and institutional customers, including providing access to low-cost financing.
  5. Citizen Engagement: Partnering effectively between utilities and communities on energy system transformation and climate action planning.
  6. EVs: Making EVs a robust and profitable grid resource for utilities.
  7. Grid Flexibility: Ensuring an adaptive, secure and resilient energy system while accelerating renewables.

Who Attends

Attendance is by invitation only to ensure a balanced audience at the executive level:

  • Utility planners, strategists and other functions
  • Corporate energy executives
  • Independent power producers and DER providers
  • Finance/Investment industry professionals
  • NGOs/research organizations/trade associations/national labs
  • Government officials and policy makers
VERGE Summit Series: Utility of the Future

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