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Charging Reliability: Taking a Systematic Approach to Improve the Charging Experience

9:00 am - 10:00 am


Charging providers, automakers and policymakers will discuss the road to improving EV charging reliability and how they are addressing the road blocks that lie ahead. 

Light duty fleet managers and vehicle operators care only about whether a charging station works. The critical question remains: How will the reliability of public EV charging improve and what is being done regarding the standards, safety/error reporting, payment systems and more across hardware and software to ensure a reliable charging network? Additionally, how will public access to Tesla’s Superchargers and the standardization of the North American Charging Standard affect the public EV charging market and reliability conversations? Come ready to hear experts in the industry and policymakers discuss these questions and all other aspects of the reliability and uptime challenge as the industry works to address the problem holistically.

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