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The Pathway to Decarbonize Aviation: Connecting, Educating and Collaborating

1:30 pm - 3:45 pm


The flight path to decarbonize aviation by 2050 will not lack turbulence. However, industry leaders are stepping up with market solutions to help accelerate the transition. Encouraging developments include new forms of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production and increasing its supply, as well as efficiency improvements in aircraft technology, electric aviation and clean hydrogen. 

But weaning off of fossil fuels requires coordination among policymakers, aircraft manufacturers, fuel producers, airlines and consumers.

Connect with the sustainable aviation community and gather key points on how to procure SAF and accelerate the industry’s decarbonization. This workshop will:

1. Ground you in the state of the path to net zero aviation, including industry insights on the SAF market outlook and advancements in alternative aircraft propulsion.

2. Explore the SAF-feedstock options, sustainability and price consequences and the role that corporate consumer demand plays in the near term.

3. Provide resources and learning to enhance SAF procurement.


Breakout Tables:

Breakout Table 1 Leader: RMI

Breakout Table 2 Leader: SABA

Breakout Table 3 Leader: Netflix

Breakout Table 4 Leader: Alaska Airlines

Breakout Table 5 Leader: Deloitte

Breakout Table 6 Leader: JetBlue Airways

Breakout Table 7 Leader: World Energy

Breakout Table 8 Leader: Delta Air Lines


This workshop is sponsored by World Energy. Please note that attendee contact information will be shared with the sponsoring company.


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