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GreenBiz Executive Network

The GreenBiz Executive Network is a membership-based, peer-to-peer learning forum for sustainability executives from the world’s largest companies. Its unique combination of expertly facilitated meetings and resource sharing enables members to benefit from the insights of their peers across a range of topics and sectors.

Benefits and Features

The GreenBiz Executive Network provides members with access to the most current thinking on sustainability in the corporate setting. You’ll gain actionable insights with a focus on competitive advantages, leadership strategies, and trusted knowledge.

Membership in the GreenBiz Leadership Network provides you with:

  • Focused research, integrating leading practices from members to discover what “best” looks like for your company
  • Members-only events held regularly, both in-person, and via remote conferencing
  • Participation in a vital global network of peers, learning what others like you know instead of what those on the sidelines feel is important

Join with your peers from across a wide range of business sectors and learn from one another’s unique experiences and expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Should Join? The GreenBiz Executive Network (GBEN) has been developed to provide an opportunity for sustainability and corporate social responsibility executives to meet with peers to gain guidance and insight for better decision-making. GBEN members are those responsible for taking their company’s sustainability efforts to a higher level of performance.

  • Is membership open to anyone? GBEN members are typically executives responsible for their company’s sustainability, social responsibility and environmental programs. Members represent corporations with revenues greater than $1 billion. Membership is currently not available to service providers, universities, NGO’s, or the media.

  • What kinds of companies should participate?
 GBEN membership includes both learning and leadership companies from across a wide range of business sectors, and includes some of the world’s leading companies and brands. Extending membership to a broad range of companies fosters innovation and provides insights and perspectives on sustainability as a competitive advantage.

  • What are the benefits of joining? Unlike traditional industry events, member meetings are designed to be participative, member-led, and highly interactive. GBEN provides you with the best current thinking on environmental and social sustainability in the corporate setting. The topics, research, and activities undertaken by the network are determined by the members themselves, based on their questions, interests, and needs.

  • What do members find most useful? In-person meetings consistently receive the highest ratings. Members also prefer the way in which the teleconferences focus on a specific departmental theme (such as purchasing, supply chain, energy management, financial risk, HR, marketing and other functions) and the ability to have an unlimited number of their associates participate in the teleconferences. Member-led research, access to the member directory, and facilitated outreach to get immediate feedback to member questions are also highly rated.

  • What kind of commitments are members expected to make?
 GBEN meetings provide a forum for executive members to discuss strategies and leadership issues with their peers. GBEN events are held in-person three times a year, with locations varying from meeting to meeting. Members are encouraged to be active participants in all GBEN activities in order to get the most value from the network.

GBEN 2022 Schedule

Until it is safe to once again conduct in-person meetings, we are holding one of two types of zoom-based meetings: Member Request meetings and Expert Perspective meetings. During these weekly meetings, members have invited peers from across their organization to discuss risk and sustainability, FTC regulations and greenwashing, climate change legislation, and many other sustainability-related topics.

Members Include

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