Growing up in Durham, North Carolina, Kristen Fulmer knew the best question to ask someone she just met was, "Duke or UNC?" For those that don’t know, there’s only one right answer. Local sports are powerful in the area and the friendly rivalry runs deep. Over time, Kristen realized that sport is a universal language, an opportunity to find commonalities, and a tool to facilitate tough conversations.

Though a Blue Devil at heart, Kristen studied urban planning at Virginia Tech and completed a master’s degree in sustainable design at the University of Texas, sharing her college sports allegiance to the Hokies and Longhorns.

Always a recreational sports fan, Kristen has dedicated her professional career to environmental and social sustainability.

She brings substantial experience in sustainable design consulting with Paladino & Company, construction with Lendlease and operations from WeWork. She has collaborated across a variety of industries, including financial services, pharma, manufacturing, and technology.

Kristen strives to drive efficiency through research-based, marketable, and profitable sustainable solutions. She believes that the built environment can influence the human experience at many scales and that it exemplifies the power in the influence placemaking, equitable access to a support system, and sense of community.

After years of practicing sustainability in the international real estate industry, Kristen identified the vastly impactful potential to fuse sport and sustainability. This specific nexus is largely unexplored. However, Kristen will leverage her experience in the real estate industry to align goals, set actionable plans, and develop values to measure success, ultimately driving business strategy that will enable holistic, cross-functional project success. In founding Recipric, her mission is to enable sports organizations to "redefine home field advantage."

Kristen is a LEED AP, TRUE Advisor, WELL AP, EcoDistricts AP, and Fitwel Ambassador.