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Opening pitches from VERGE Accelerate showcases innovators

Opening pitches from VERGE Accelerate showcases innovators

Miloš Milisavljević, CEO of Strawberry Energy
Alex Campbell
Miloš Milisavljević, CEO of Strawberry Energy, pitches the Strawberry Tree during VERGE Accelerate on the VERGE main stage in San Francisco, Calif.

It’s no surprise that this VERGE Accelerate startup pitch competition was the most highly rated keynote session at our VERGE SF 2014 event in October. Who doesn’t love gaining insight into the innovation surging from the entrepreneurial community and the great promise it holds for tech and sustainability?

Entrepreneurs are a vital piece of the VERGE ecosystem — they are the innovators behind so many disruptive solutions creating market-driven pathways to a smarter, cleaner, more efficient world. Hearing about their breakthrough ideas is not just informative, but inspiring.

VERGE Accelerate is the vehicle through which we at GreenBiz work to elevate, celebrate and yes, accelerate entrepreneurs working across the VERGE domains — distributed energy; sustainable mobility; next-gen buildings; resilient cities; food and water systems; and smarter supply chains. The fast-pitch showcase provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of the diverse VERGE audience — executives from the world’s largest companies, public officials from progressive cities, venture capitalists and others — along with thousands more who tune in live from around the world.

And now, we bring their pitches straight to you. Check out the videos of finalists’ pitches from day one of 2014 VERGE Accelerate — and visit the VERGE Accelerate Web page to learn more about how to become a partner or submit nominations for next year.

Strawberry Energy: Solar powered community gathering spots

ProductBio: Data-driven tools to help cities source more sustainably

HydroRun Technologies: Harnessing the power of rivers

Persistent Efficiency: Data from buildings quickly, easily and reliably

Local Data: Better data makes better cities

OndaVia: Making water testing fast and easy

VeloMetro: Car sharing without the car