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Stonyfield Farm First For-Profit Business to Join N.H. Climate Registry

Stonyfield Farm First For-Profit Business to Join N.H. Climate Registry

Yogurt producer Stonyfield Farm has become the first for-profit corporation to register its greenhouse gas emissions with the State of New Hampshire's voluntary registry. In recognition of Stonyfield Farm's environmental stewardship, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has awarded the company its 2003 Energy Leadership Award.

"Registering greenhouse gas emissions is a critical step that all businesses can take to begin the process to reduce emissions, reverse global warming and make a difference in the environment," said Gary Hirshberg, president and CEO of Stonyfield Farm. "We're proud to sign on to the state's voluntary registry because we believe programs such as this will have a significant positive social and environmental impact."

Signed into law in 1999, the New Hampshire Greenhouse Gas Reduction Registry was developed to record the emissions and voluntary actions taken by New Hampshire businesses and industries to reduce GHG emissions. The voluntary registry will protect companies that are taking early action to reduce emissions by allowing them to record their actions with the state. If in the future new regulation mandates GHG reductions, then early adopters may be able to get credit for what they've already done. This approach was developed through a collaboration of businesses, including Stonyfield Farm, and government and environmental leaders. The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is the first not-for-profit organization registered with the state registry.

Stonyfield Farm's greatest efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have come primarily through efficiency and conservation efforts. By increasing efficiency over the past 8 years, Stonyfield Farm has saved over $4 million and the equivalent of 24 million kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough energy to power 800 homes for a year, while preventing over 7500 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Registering greenhouse gas emissions is just one of the earth-friendly firsts for the twenty year old yogurt company.

For example, in 1996, Stonyfield Farm was the first manufacturer in the United States to commit to offsetting 100 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions from its facility energy. "Offsets" are off-site activities that either remove existing carbon from the atmosphere or prevent additional carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Just last year, Stonyfield Farm's offset purchase from NativeEnergy, LLC supported the Rosebud Sioux Indian Tribe wind turbine project in South Dakota. The first Native American large-scale wind turbine, the project reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by bringing clean power to the electric grid, replacing other sources of power.