State of Green Business

Ecolab's Doug Baker on the future of circular water

Nothing happens without water. Although it's a basic building block of every economy, water is becoming increasingly scarce, threatening supply chains, communities and business as usual. According to U.N. estimates, the world will face a 40 percent freshwater deficit by 2030 if nothing changes. However, applying circular economy principles to water management may be the key to turning scarcity into abundance and regenerating watersheds in the process.

The host of Marketplace Tech, Molly Wood, and Ecolab Chairman and CEO Doug Baker have a conversation about the state of the world’s water and how industry can serve both the environment and the bottom line by getting smart about water. Last year, Ecolab managed more than 1.1 trillion gallons of water for customers around the world in a wide range of industries, helping them reduce, reuse and recycle water, saving 300 billion gallons along the way. This interview explores the future of circular water management, the technologies that will help close the loop on water usage, and shed light on real-world solutions that are available to companies today. From Circularity 19.