Episode 13: David Crane on life after Paris; GM goes electric

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Episode 13: David Crane on life after Paris; GM goes electric

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Tech has a new conflict mineral to contend with

Apart from so-called "blood diamonds" that gained infamy with a Hollywood depiction of human rights abuses at mining operations relied upon by global jewelers, the issue of conflict minerals has largely simmered beneath the surface of the push to clean up business supply chains.

This week, cobalt was named the newest material of concern in an activist report alleging that child labor is commonly exploited in pursuit of the metal used in many electronics. Senior Writer Heather Clancy explained in a piece on how tech companies like Intel are responding to the issue.

Are we witnessing a fourth industrial revolution?

An avalanche of new reports has been unleashed in the run up to the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This year's theme: the advent of a fourth industrial revolution "characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres."

But no one said economic transformation was easy. An annual global risk report ahead of the Davos event pegs interconnected threats like climate change and water scarcity among the things businesses should be prioritizing. As Senior Writer Barbara Grady wrote, a PwC survey of executives from 83 countries ranked geopolitical instability near the top of the list.


Sure, you've heard of a company's environmental footprint. What about its handprint? Talent Show Columnist Ellen Weinreb weighed in on the trend toward quantifying a company's positive impacts on the world — an inherently difficult endeavor — in a piece on "Handprinting for employee well-being."

Featured stories

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Power player

David Crane is best known as a clean energy advocate and former CEO of independent power producer NRG Energy. As of this week, he's also the newest GreenBiz editor at large. Following a previous piece with the eyebrow-raising headline, "If I was right, why was I fired?" Crane this week penned a new column on "Doing business in a post-Paris world."

Crane argued that, "We are on the cusp of an era where, quite simply, it no longer will be acceptable for prominent corporations to be indifferent to sustainability in their energy consumption."

Electrifying mobility

From electric bikes to rapidly-evolving electric cars, the market for emissions-free transportation is heating up.

Senior Writer Barbara Grady looked to Oakland for a first-of-its-kind electric bikesharing system powered by solar, while Senior Editor Lauren Hepler talked with General Motors Executive Director of Urban Mobility Peter Kosak about how the company sees electrification merging with a recent $500 million bet on ridesharing company Lyft.

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