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Episode 20: Whole Foods goes solar; meet the soil carbon cowboys

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What do solar energy, the beef industry and the push to close the gender gap in global business have in common?

They're all part of this weeks GreenBiz 350 podcast bringing you the biggest news in sustainability.

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Whole Foods takes 100 stores solar

NRG Energy and SolarCity snagged the contracts for Whole Food's latest foray into commercial clean energy with a plan to  install solar on 100 stores. It's all part of the growing market for corporate renewable energy, which had a banner year in 2015 thanks to companies like Walmart, Ikea and Apple.

27 ways to cut food waste — and make money

Excessive waste doesn't cut it in a world increasingly hungry for more food. That's why collaborative groups like reFED are forming to asses the problem and what it would take to bring the issue out of the dumpster. Senior Writer Barbara Grady reports on a new road map to cut food waste 20 percent within the next decade.

Sustainability executives are in quite a pickle

On the one hand, climate change is increasingly seen as a tangible risk for businesses that requires a coherent sustainability strategy. On the other, CEOs still don't have a ton of time to talk environment, and corporate social responsibility teams still tend to be small. Sustainability consultant Gib Hedstrom lays out their predicament.

Featured stories

An in-depth look at two stories changing the game for green business.

Why women matter in sustainable development

Yes, this week officially marked International Women's Day, but that's not the only reason it's important to include gender in plans for supply chain and corporate sustainability. Senior Editor Lauren Hepler explains what gender has to do with sustainability, while Senior Writer Barbara Grady covers Kellogg's new effort to engage women farmers.

Wrangling emissions with the soil carbon cowboys

As the creator of "Carbon Nation," documentary filmmaker Peter Byck knows the challenges posed by climate change well. Of late, he's been focused on a solution in a not-so-obvious place: closing the carbon cycle as part of the agricultural process. Byck talked "Soil Carbon Cowboys" at the recent GreenBiz 16 event in Arizona.

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A very special performance

Featured slam poets from our GreenBiz 16 forum last month: Leah Marche, Christopher Owens aka Truth B Told and Jeremiah Blue.

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