In December 2015, the United Nations will convene COP21 in Paris, which has been billed as the most important climate summit in history, with the goal of forging a strong global agreement to address climate change. Catch the GreenBiz coverage of the business-eye view of COP21, one of the largest gatherings ever of corporate executives, sustainability professionals and activists.

The stakes are high — how can we ensure the new nationally determined contributions raise confidence that we are on track to a 1.5 degree C world?
The main goal of this 'implementation COP' is to fill in legal and technical details left undefined in the Paris Agreement.
The conference provides an opportunity for countries to continue to build momentum ahead of 2020, which could lead to more ambitious climate commitments.
Now it's time to put in the work.
Tune in for a recap of news and conversations during more than 300 events linked to the UN General Assembly. Plus inside PepsiCo's Sustainable Farming Program and a peek into Engie Impact.
Plus, the motivation behind IKEA's home solar program and what investors really need out of ESG disclosure.
This is a "use it or lose it moment in economic history."
A group of industry leaders in the building products space including Interface, Gensler and Skanska is working on a database of low-carbon products.
A deep dive into the key opportunities and stumbling blocks that are set to shape this week's U.N. Climate Summit in Poland.
Four key concepts: governance, strategy, risk management and internal control. Part Two of a three-part series.