Accelerating sustainability solutions in an interconnected world. Highlights from VERGE 18 in Oakland, VERGE Hawaii in Honolulu along with ongoing coverage of VERGE topics.

Mayor Schaaf and VERGE 18 will showcase companies and community groups leading the charge to a prosperous, resilient and inclusive economy.
Plus, savvy companies can use them as a recruitment tool.
Plus, meet three groups exploring automation for carbon offsets.
A new research initiative in New York could help make the cost dynamics for corporate buyers more attractive.
Will a rewards program help cities and companies nudge residents and commuters away from single occupancy vehicles?
There will be winners and losers in the transition to autonomous vehicles.
Could exploring another planet help our resource-constrained world?
Prices are falling steeply and more anecdotal evidence of commercial energy storage applications is emerging.
Let's elevate, celebrate and accelerate.
Who should be on our inaugural list of revolutionaries?