Accelerating sustainability solutions in an interconnected world. Highlights from VERGE 18 in Oakland, VERGE Hawaii in Honolulu along with ongoing coverage of VERGE topics.

Strategies like isolated generation, cross-sector planning and partnerships, and planning for the unplannable will apply far beyond islands like Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Unfiltered, youthful advice for corporate sustainable professionals and policy experts.
The islands have a lot of work to do to reach the ambitious goal of 100-percent-renewable transportation.
On this episode, we recap the scene from VERGE Hawaii with perspectives from Governor David Ige, Honolulu's chief resilience and sustainability officer Joshua Stanbro, and Hilton's senior director of corporate responsibility Daniella Foster.
The best of VERGE Hawaii Twitter.
Eleven startups competed for attention for their solutions in energy, transportation and agriculture.
You won't hear these conversations anywhere else.
An atrophied muscle needs to be flexed more.
From the standpoint of reducing emissions, the declaration might seem symbolic. But other states are watching and learning from the island state’s policies.
The state is more than a quarter of the way to its 'all in' commitment to clean power, but the hardest work is yet to come.