Accelerating sustainability solutions in an interconnected world. Highlights from VERGE 16 in Santa Clara along with ongoing coverage of VERGE topics.

Why not audit expected casualties and expected financial loss in a city in the same way you audit the finances or the creditworthiness of sovereign states?
It's the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance’s one-year anniversary. Here's what the business coalition has accomplished, plus some thoughts about what's ahead.
VERGE Hawaii Accelerate to feature global startups accelerating a clean economy.
With the state aggressively lowering its reliance on oil production thanks to advances in renewables, more growth from wind and solar power will require modern power grid infrastructure.
Market forces are stronger than ever in recognizing and capturing the opportunities around climate-responsible architecture design practices.
Renewable electricity will account for much of our supply by 2040. Policymakers believe we must act more quickly to decarbonize existing industries.
Platform business models have redefined the modern economy. Next, it may redefine the electric utility sector through DSOs and DERs.
The industry could drive entirely new revenue streams and business models by investing in charging stations. Too expensive? Think of it as a branding exercise.
Investors are still skittish about early-stage startups selling automation and energy-management apps, but the market for software, sensors and services for smarter offices, factories and groceries stores is maturing gracefully.
If so, it must consider local business and cultural needs, build business processes and market structures around the world.