Accelerating sustainability solutions in an interconnected world. Highlights from VERGE 18 in Oakland, VERGE Hawaii in Honolulu along with ongoing coverage of VERGE topics.

An atrophied muscle needs to be flexed more.
From the standpoint of reducing emissions, the declaration might seem symbolic. But other states are watching and learning from the island state’s policies.
The state is more than a quarter of the way to its 'all in' commitment to clean power, but the hardest work is yet to come.
The island has faced blackouts for the past eight months. Enter the mini-grids?
Cleantech Open, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance team up with VERGE 18 to address systemic challenges and break down silos.
Also in this episode, how chief digital officers are aiding and abetting the clean energy transition and why more fleet operators are evaluating electric trucks and vans.
Here are some of the greatest solutions you haven't yet seen — but should.
Some, like amusement park Wet n' Wild, are finding energy efficiency opportunities and receiving lower power bills.
The state has made major progress in its shift from oil to renewables but there’s still a lot to be done, according to a new report analyzing its ongoing transition.
3D printing has great potential for sustainability. For human health, not so much — yet.