Office Depot Launches Green Product Line

Office Depot Launches Green Product Line

Office Depot launched a new environmentally friendly line of officesupplies on Tuesday that will include products with features such ashigh recycled material content or certification from Green Seal.

The product line called Office Depot Green runs the gamut toinclude remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, chairs made fromrecycled content, Energy Star electronics and nontoxic cleaningsupplies. The items, designated by bright green packaging, will beavailable across the company's 1,200-plus stores and online.

The announcement of the product line comes the day after environmental groups ForestEthics and Dogwood Alliance released a report cardscoring five major office supply companies on their paper purchasingpolicies. Staples and FedEx Kinkos topped the list with B+ scores,while Office Depot received a B-, up from a C+ in the groups' lastreport card released in late 2007.

Office Depot received praise in the report card for delivering moreForest Stewardship Council-certified paper and phasing out productsfrom Asia Pulp & Paper, which has a checkered environmental record.The groups, however, believe the company must increase efforts toreduce paper sourced from Canadian Boreal Forests.

Meanwhile, Amazon launched Green3 Tuesday. The company aggregatedits green products across all of its shopping categories, and is givingits most environmentally-conscious customers the chance to build a listof three green products that other people should be using.

The site also offers a discussion area and information oneco-labels, products, energy efficiency and the company's efforts to bemore environmentally friendly.