Chemical Managers Aim to Green the Bottom Line

Chemical Managers Aim to Green the Bottom Line

Four leading chemical management services firms and a private nonprofit organization have teamed up to create the Chemical Management Services Forum, which exists to promote chemical management solutions that benefit the environment and the bottom line.

Jill Kauffman Johnson, manager of the CMS Forum and director of the non-profit Chemical Strategies Partnership, said the chemical services approach is redefining the way chemicals are purchased and managed.

“In addition to reducing chemical management costs for a manufacturer, this new strategic relationship creates incentives for continuously improving economic and environmental performance," Johnson said.

Ashland Chemical, Haas Corporation, GW International (formerly Great Western Chemical) and Radian International founded the CMS Forum with Chemical Strategies Partnership. CSP, a nonprofit organization founded in 1996, serves as an independent source for information and guidance on developing chemical service programs to make chemical use easier on the environment.

CMS Forum membership is open to chemical users, CMS providers, their Tier II suppliers and any companies or organizations who want to know more about how CMS can benefit the bottom line and reduce the environmental impacts of chemical use.