Dell Japan Launches PC Recycling Program

Dell Japan Launches PC Recycling Program

a href="">Dell Computer in Japan last Wednesday launched a service to recycle corporate clients’ old computers, sparing the environment the toxic runoff associated with dumping such hardware into landfills.

According to Dell, the program will accept the same number of old PCs that a customer buys new, and will encompass computers and peripherals made by other manufacturers as well as Dell's own products.

The cost for the service, including the manifest used for managing the disposal of the equipment, will be about $23 per desktop PC, $23 per monitor, and $18 per notebook PC.

Under the program, PCs with potential market value will be refurbished and sold as used goods by a Tokyo company. All other items will be disassembled and recycled.

Portions of used computers hold value recoverable through recycling -- precious metals such as copper, silver, and gold in the printed wiring boards are the most desirable. Other parts of the computer contain hazardous metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, which are regulated and can complicate disposal.

A law to promote the more effective use of resources goes into effect April 2001 in Japan that will require companies recycle PCs and consider the environmental impact of disposal when they develop their products.



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