Hardwood Timber Company Nails FSC Certification

Hardwood Timber Company Nails FSC Certification

The Anderson-Tully Company has won well-managed forest certification for 327,000 acres of forests in seven states along the Mississippi River from Cairo, Ill., to Natchez, Miss. It's the first time a Southeast U.S.-regional timber company has landed the certification for all of its holdings.

The certification was granted under Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood Program, a Forest Stewardship Council-accredited certification body.

Hank Cauley, executive director of the Forest Stewardship Council-U.S., said Anderson-Tully has taken "a bold step" toward assuring that responsible forest practices become the norm throughout the timber industry, and in the Southeastern U.S. in particular.

"I am very excited that ATCO has chosen to set an example that is a model for the region’s forest management and will provide substantial new supplies of key hardwood species to awaiting markets,” Cauley said.

According to Anderson-Tully Company CEO Tony Parks, consumers are becoming more environmentally aware -- and are increasingly calling for lumber and wood products produced from sustainable, well-managed forests.

"Major retailers, including Home Depot and Lowe’s, have recently announced their support for good forest stewardship and are giving preference to wood products from FSC certified forests. Products manufactured by Anderson-Tully from Anderson-Tully Company forests now can carry the FSC logo, guaranteeing that the wood came from a well-managed forest,” Parks said.

Anderson-Tully, based in Memphis, Tenn. and Vicksburg, Miss., is one of three timber Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in the United States and the only REIT dedicated to the management of hardwood timberlands. The company owns and manages more than 300,000 acres of hardwood timberland along the Mississippi River and sells to companies that produce hardwood lumber and veneer.



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