Hot Decade Ahead for Clean-Energy Sector, Report Says

Hot Decade Ahead for Clean-Energy Sector, Report Says

With clean energy leading the way, clean technology, which already represents a multibillion-dollar market, will grow as much as tenfold over the coming decade, according to a new report.

Clean technologies -- including renewable energy, alternative transportation, water purification systems, and new, environmentally friendly materials -- are poised for dramatic growth in a manner that will offer significant and tangible economic, environmental, and social benefits, according to Clean Edge, a market-intelligence and publishing firm focusing on clean technologies. These technologies offer solutions to such pressing issues as the energy crisis, resource scarcity, and climate change while creating economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

The free, downloadable report, available at, is the first to define the clean-tech market and make market forecasts for 2005 and 2010. It also describes the growing investment climate for clean technologies, including which venture funds and energy companies are taking a stake in clean technology. Among its findings:
  • The clean-energy market, which includes fuel cells, microturbines, and solar and wind power, is projected to grow 28% annually from approximately $7 billion in revenues in 2000 to more than $82 billion in revenues by 2010

  • The market for clean vehicles, including cars, buses, and trucks, is projected to grow from about $2 billion in 2000 to $48 billion by 2010

  • Clean-tech companies in the U.S. attracted more than $2 billion in equity investments in 2000 from venture firms, angel investors, and IPOs

  • Energy efficiency, wind power, solar power, and microturbines offer the most immediate and cost-competitive solution to the current “peak demand” energy crisis, while an emerging hydrogen economy based on fuel cells is not far behind

  • Innovative governments, multinationals, and start-ups are committing billions of dollars to clean-tech development and setting significant growth targets
Clean technologies represent a diverse range of products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes. “Many of these are competitive with, if not superior to, their conventional counterparts in terms of cost and performance,” says Joel Makower, a co-author of the report and a co-founder and principal of Clean Edge, and founder of

“For all the hype about the New Economy, a real, sustainable new economy is emerging around clean technologies,” explains Ron Pernick, report co-author and Clean Edge co-founder and principal. “It is focused not on ‘saving the earth’ but on the real business and economic opportunities from providing clean energy, transportation, water, and materials on a global scale.”

The Clean-Tech Revolution

According to Clean Edge, a number of economic, technological, environmental and societal forces have converged to attract investors to technologies as diverse as biobased materials, green chemistry, hybrid electric vehicles, hydrogen power, photovoltaics, and small-scale water desalination. “A small but growing number of forward-thinking investors recognize that several of today’s emerging clean-tech companies will be the Microsofts of the future,” says Pernick.

“Many of these technologies have been around for years, but now such problems as global warming and acute energy shortages have created unprecedented demand for clean technologies,” says co-author Makower. “While there are numerous uncertainties and obstacles, we believe that a significant number of companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and governments will profit immensely from the clean-tech revolution.”

Online News, Stock Tracking, and More at

In addition to releasing its new report, Clean Edge also unveiled a number of new web-based resources for investors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and others involved in the development and implementation of clean technologies. offers an array of informational products and services including a clean-tech news feed, news tracking of relevant stories from over 1,800 sources, clean-tech statistics and graphs, a twice-monthly newsletter, and stock tracking. This represents the most comprehensive source on the web for clean-tech related news and information.

For the report, Clean Tech: Profits and Potential, Clean Edge interviewed more than 30 executives involved in clean-tech investments, development, and manufacturing; tracked hundreds of news stories from recognized web and print sources; aggregated data from public and private research reports; and conducted extensive analyses via its global network of analysts, researchers, and consultants.

About Clean Edge

Clean Edge, Inc., The Clean-Tech Market Authority, provides a variety of market-intelligence products and services related to clean energy, transportation, water, and materials. Through its publications, consulting services, and conferences, Clean Edge helps investors, industry, and society understand and profit from the clean-tech revolution. Based in Oakland, Calif., Clean Edge’s aim is to serve as a catalyst for global clean-tech development. The company was founded by environmental publishing and high-tech business pioneers Ron Pernick and Joel Makower. For more information about the company visit



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