Top Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in U.S. Hits 68 MPG

Top Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in U.S. Hits 68 MPG

Two federal agencies have released data on the most fuel-efficient new passenger vehicles available in the country, with the Honda Insight being ranked the most fuel efficient for the third year in a row, achieving up to 68 miles per gallon.

The news from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency follows last week’s dismal EPA figures that showed that average fuel economy of 2001 model cars is only 24 mpg, with the average for all new vehicles only 20.4 mpg, the worst results for 21 years. The Honda Insight, however, is a shining example of money and environment saving technology, achieving a fuel efficiency of 61 mpg for city driving and 68 mpg on the highway.

“Choosing the most fuel efficient vehicles in a class of cars can save the owner more than $1,500 in fuel costs and prevent the release of about 15 tonnes of global warming pollution over the vehicle’s lifetime,” said EPA Administrator Christie Whitman. “Fuel efficient vehicles come in all shapes and sizes; consumers do not have to sacrifice to make a difference for the environment.”

All new cars and light trucks will display their miles-per-gallon ratings on window stickers prior to sale, and detailed information on fuel efficiency can also be found in the Fuel Economy Guide, available at car dealerships and public libraries, and on a joint DOE/EPA Web site. The site also compares fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions and estimated annual fuel costs, as well as fuel economy information on older cars, from 1985.

“Reducing our nation’s dependence on imported oil is crucial to our national energy security -- now more than ever before,” said Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham. “Conserving fuel by driving a more efficient vehicle is one way each of us can do our part. With the new Fuel Economy Guide, car-buyers have the information they need to help select the safest, cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle to meet their needs.”

Other vehicles commended in the guide include the minicompact Lexus SC, the Acura RSX, the Toyota Prius -- a hybrid electric car, the Nissan Sentra, and the Honda Accord.