Innovative Furniture Folks 'Wrap' Award

Innovative Furniture Folks 'Wrap' Award

Congratulations to Planet Squared, Inc., which was named for a consecutive year a winner of state award that recognizes outstanding efforts to reduce waste and protect the environment. Planet Squared designs, produces, markets, and distributes modular furniture made from recycled materials.

In bestowing California's 2001 WRAP Award (Waste Reduction Awards Program), the U.S. EPA cited the success of the company's patent-pending line, Resourceful Living Arrangements, which features an assortment of modular products that are lightweight, durable and made from non-toxic recycled materials.

According to Richard Soumakian, Planet Squared president and CEO, the challenge for his company – and all companies – stems from having created a “disposable society.”

“The costs of living are relative if you consider that all industries generally manufacture conventional products that are made with little disregard for the environment or health of humanity,” Soumakian said. “Their goal is simple: cut up-front costs by using natural resources. In actuality, the total cost is then pushed onto future generations in the form of toxins, pollutants and waste.”

Soumakian calls for solving these problems by making more sustainable choices in the boardroom.

“Simply by recycling and supporting products made from non-toxic, high content recycled materials, everyone can help to save energy, reduce toxins, pollutants and waste while preserving natural resources for a better tomorrow. Our mission is to provide you with innovative ecological products that are simply an alternative to conventional indoor furniture," Soumakian said.

Planet Squared began developing its products in November, 1998. The company incorporated January, 2000, and today makes its products available factory direct through e-commerce, mail order catalogs, and national and international dealers.

WRAP awards honor California businesses that make outstanding efforts to reduce non-hazardous waste. Businesses are evaluated on the steps taken to reduce waste in daily business operations, such as company or employee recycling programs, the reduction of product packaging, and the reuse and recycling of materials in the manufacturing of products. Recipients use the WRAP logo on products, educational materials, and marketing materials to publicize waste-reduction practices.