EPA Honors Companies for Innovative Clean-Air Efforts

EPA Honors Companies for Innovative Clean-Air Efforts

CSX, Intel, and Georgia-Pacific were among the recipients of the U.S. EPA’s Clean Air Excellence Awards, just announced by EPA Administrator Christie Whitman.

CSX Transportation received an award for the development of a locomotive emission reduction system. The Intel Corporation was honored for a PC computer that switches quickly in and out of energy-saving mode, and researchers from Lehigh University and Georgia-Pacific Corporation were recognized for a process that would reduce pollution at pulp mills. Also recognized was the Orbital Engine Corporation, for its combustion process that achieves significant improvements in the fuel economy and emissions capabilities of gasoline engines.

“The awards were established to honor innovative ideas,” said Dave Ryan, media director for the program, “Our idea is to show that government and industry can work together. Government doesn’t have to do everything; industry leaders such as the ones we have honored today can make a difference.”

Now in its second year, the Clean Air Excellence Awards program recognizes businesses, organizations, and individuals for innovative initiatives aimed at improving air quality. A total of 47 companies, organizations, and citizens groups were honored at the ceremony, nearly doubling the number of award winners recognized in the program’s first competition in 2000.

The Clean Air Awards are offered by the EPA Office of Air and Radiation in six categories: clean-air technology, community development, education and outreach, regulatory and policy innovations, transportation efficiency innovations, and outstanding individual achievements.