Performance Track Members to Receive Regulatory Flexibility

Performance Track Members to Receive Regulatory Flexibility

Participants in EPA's National Environmental Performance Track program would receive regulatory benefits under proposed rules EPA Administrator Christie Whitman said. Speaking at the 2002 National Environmental Performance Track Members Event, Administrator Whitman said the 280 member companies "represent a superb example" of what can be achieved through partnerships with companies and individuals who have a passion for environmental protection.

Performance Track members are companies and communities that voluntarily go beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to attain higher levels of environmental performance. Performance Track members must have an Environmental Management System in place, demonstrate continued environmental improvements, conduct public outreach, report performance annually to the EPA and have a record of sustained compliance with environmental regulations.

The proposed rule for these members would simplify reporting requirements under the Clean Air Act's Maximum Available Control Technology program and for Publicly Owned Treatment Works regulated by the Clean Water Act. In addition, Performance Track members will be allowed to store hazardous waste on site for an additional 90 days if they have the added protection of secondary containment. EPA said these regulatory changes would provide incentives for other businesses and organizations to achieve the strong environmental performance required for Performance Track membership.

"This proposal advances the principle that high-performing facilities should be recognized for their accomplishments - by allowing them to focus more on environmental progress, instead of process," said Administrator Whitman.

EPA notes that the 280 National Environmental Performance Track members have since the program was launched in June 2000 committed to reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds by 98,000 pounds; lowering green house gas emissions by 26 million pounds, and reducing solid waste by 225 million pounds.

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