Dell Lets Consumers Recycle Used Computers

Dell Lets Consumers Recycle Used Computers

Dell has announced that it will expand Dell Exchange -- a program for U.S. consumers to donate, auction or trade in used computers -- to include a recycling option.

The announcement came in response to a shareholder resolution submitted by Calvert Group Ltd. calling for Dell to take action on computer "e-waste."

Dell expects to begin offering the expanded program to U.S. customers sometime in its third quarter, which begins in August.

Through this option, consumers can send to a designated recycling center any desktop or notebook computer and it will be recycled free of charge. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant recycling partner manages the recycling process. Consumers can take advantage of the program by logging on to Dell Exchange at, and selecting the recycling option.

Consumers who opt to recycle their computer will receive notification that their computer was disposed of through the recycling program. The program is available for any computer from any manufacturer and is available to any consumer in the United States.

"Our customers are looking for an easy way to dispose of old computers in an environmentally responsible manner. This program is easy to use and does not put a large cost burden on our customers," said John Hamlin, vice president and general manager of Dell's U.S. consumer business. "This program continues Dell's strong track record as an environmentally responsible company."

Dell continues to encourage the reuse of computer technology as an important step in the product life cycle. Consumers can donate used computers through Dell's partnership with the National Cristina Foundation. Donated systems are placed with non-profit or public agencies in a consumer's local area. There is no cost to those who use the program and the donation may be a tax deduction(a).