Oregon Power Company Signs 25-Year Wind Power Deal

Oregon Power Company Signs 25-Year Wind Power Deal

The Eugene Water and Electric Board has announced its largest purchase of wind energy to date: 25 megawatts of windpower capacity that will power about 4,800 Eugene homes for the next 25 years.

EWEB purchased the power from PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc., which owns the entire output of the energy from the Stateline Wind Energy Center on the Washington-Oregon border.

"The Stateline project purchase represents another significant step forward in EWEB's efforts to increase the amount of renewable energy it has," said EWEB general manager Randy Berggren. "This acquisition keeps EWEB on track with our board's goal of adding 1% of our load in new renewable energy supplies each year."

EWEB's share of windpower from the Stateline project equals about 2.5% of its total retail electricity needs. EWEB markets its windpower as a "green" option for customers.

In addition to the EWEB contract, PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc. has signed the biggest public utility wind power contract to date in the United States -- a 20-year supply transaction with Seattle City Light, the municipal utility for Seattle. Seattle City Light started buying 50 megawatts of power in January 2002, doubling to 100 megawatts in August 2002, then 150 megawatts in January 2004 and, potentially, to 175 megawatts in August 2004.

“We’re delighted that EWEB and others have show such strong demand for purchasing renewables over the long term,” said Terry Hudgens, PPM’s CEO.