Kinko's Becomes Cleanest-Powered Retail Chain in the Philadelphia Area

Kinko's Becomes Cleanest-Powered Retail Chain in the Philadelphia Area

Kinko's, Inc. has teamed up with Green Mountain Energy Company to become the cleanest-powered retail chain in the Philadelphia region.

Philadelphia Mayor John Street and officials from the two companies recently gathered around a "solar-powered copy machine" inside a downtown Philadelphia Kinko's branch to announce an agreement to upgrade 10 area stores to 100% renewable electricity and sign up four more participating locations in Philadelphia and Greensburg, Penn.

The new agreement triples Kinko's annual renewable electricity purchase in the Philadelphia area to 2.8 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year -- about the same energy required to power 360 average homes in Pennsylvania for a year. Kinko's total purchases through Green Mountain Energy Company in the area will avoid 278 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That prevents as much CO2 pollution as planting 37,000 trees, or not driving nearly 16,000 round trips on Philadelphia's Schuylkill Expressway -- a total of 619,000 miles.

Kinko's Pennsylvania "green" power commitment, combined with other agreements announced today across the U.S., increases Kinko's estimated annual renewable power purchases to more than 11.2 million kWh.

"Incorporating the use of renewable power at our branches is a working example of Kinko's commitment to integrate sustainable business practices into our on-going decision making process," stated Judy Burditt, operations director for Kinko's. “These decisions will have lasting benefits for both our local community and the planet as a whole."

Kinko's made its first two renewable energy purchases through Green Mountain Energy Company in Pennsylvania and California in 1999. Last summer, Kinko's announced it had begun purchasing Green Mountain Energy electricity for several of its stores in Oregon. In all, Kinko's now buys green power at more than 150 branches in 13 states. Other environmental initiatives include reducing energy use, offering recycled and alternative fiber papers, and minimizing and recycling wastes.

Kinko's stores covered under the contract will purchase Green Mountain Energy's "Nature's Choice" Green-e-certified product generated from renewable resources such as wind, water, biomass, and solar generation. Green-e is a program of the Center for Resource Solutions, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. To receive Green-e certification, an energy product must come from at least 50% eligible renewable resources, and comply with an annual verification audit.