Dow Chemical to Use Landfill Gas to Reduce Plant Emissions

Dow Chemical to Use Landfill Gas to Reduce Plant Emissions

The Dow Chemical Company has signed a contract to capture and use landfill methane at its manufacturing plant in Dalton, Ga. The company will take approximately 240 billion BTU per year of landfill gas from a county-owned landfill, located two miles from the plant, and use it in place of natural gas.

The landfill gas from the Dalton plant will be used to generate steam for general manufacturing purposes. This use of landfill gas is expected to reduce emissions by more than 27 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year, the company says. The carbon dioxide emissions avoided are comparable to keeping 2,300 cars off the road annually.

The company is also examining wind power, and fuel cells, along with other landfill gas projects as it pursues more sustainable energy production and reductions in greenhouse gases. Dow will begin using this new source of energy during the fourth quarter.

Dow recently solidified its commitment to green power through its partnership with the Green Power Market Development Group of the World Resources Institute. The commercial-industrial partnership seeks to expand awareness of and markets for cost-competitive renewable energy by providing objective information and recognition for those making it their choice for energy supply.

"Dow has a heritage of efficient use of energy in our manufacturing processes," said Peter Molinaro, leader of Dow's Global Climate Change Team. "Dow practically invented co-generation of steam and electricity. Our participation with WRI will help us fulfill our commitment to finding, developing, and increasing our use of competitively priced renewable energy."

Competitive marketers are now offering green power to retail and wholesale customers in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and several New England states.