London's Metropolitan Police Earn Green Procurement Award

London's Metropolitan Police Earn Green Procurement Award

The Metropolitan Police are the U.K. capital's greenest purchasers, with over £1 million spent on recycled-content products last year, according to a new report.

The finding was the result of a recent green purchase report by business partnership London Remade. It evaluated the buying behaviour of leading public and private sector signatories to The Mayor's Green Procurement Code -- an initiative designed to help organisations source and buy products with recycled content.

Geoff Garne, energy manager for the Metropolitan Police, said that, in addition to the green procurement of office materials, this years electricity contract is also entirely from renewable sources.

In total, over £11.8 million worth of recycled products were purchased by the near 100 organisations that took part in the survey. Paper accounts for the majority of expenditure, estimated at over £9.6 million throughout the year.

Hugh Carr-Harris, chief executive of London Remade, said: "We welcome the encouraging results of the purchase audit and the progress made by all those involved. Developing markets for recycled content products is pivotal if London and the rest of the U.K. are to meet the government's challenging waste recycling targets. Unless business, the public sector and consumers follow the excellent example set by the Metropolitan Police the recycling loop will never be closed."

The Mayor's Green Procurement Code now has over 250 signatories including London Boroughs and leading U.K. businesses such as BP and London Underground.