Office Depot Releases New 'Green Products' Catalog

Office Depot Releases New 'Green Products' Catalog

Office Depot, one of the world’s largest resellers of office products, is coloring the New Year green with the launch of The Green Book, the industry’s first catalog consisting solely of environmentally preferable products. The catalogue is printed on elemental chlorine free, 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled content paper.

The catalog will be available to Office Depot’s Business Services Division contract customers in time for the New Year and will contain more than 1,000 products ranging from paper and filing to storage, dated goods and machine supplies.

“We are pleased to be the first in our industry to provide an easy-to-use, streamlined and environmentally responsible vehicle for our customers to purchase products containing recycled content,” said Tyler Elm, director of environmental affairs for Office Depot. “This is another great advance in Office Depot’s commitment to helping our customers improve their company’s environmental sustainability and helping them make their own office an ‘office for the environment’.”

Elm noted that “as the industry leader in environmental stewardship, it is important for Office Depot to communicate the scope of our environmentally friendly product offerings to our customers in a manner that substantially conserves natural resources.”

According to Elm, compared to catalogs printed on virgin paper, the 100 percent post-consumer recycled content paper used for The Green Book:
  • is 44% more energy efficient
  • resulted in 37% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • generated half as much solid waste and water effluent
  • required no new trees to be cut down
Further, because The Green Book is printed on paper made entirely from PCW recycled fiber manufactured without using elemental chlorine, Office Depot conserved the following resources:
  • 275 fully grown trees
  • 116,900 gallons of water
  • 193 million BTU’s of energy
  • 12,400 pounds of solid waste
  • 24,000 pounds of CO2 greenhouse gasses, and
  • 800 pounds of Chemical Oxygen Demand waterborne waste

To put this into perspective, Elm noted that:
  • the 275 trees conserved by printing on recycled paper absorb the carbon released by 475 cars in a year -- driven 15,000 miles each
  • water conserved by printing on recycled paper is equal to the amount consumed each day by 1,800 people
  • the energy saved by printing on recycled paper is equivalent to 1,544 gallons of gasoline -- or the amount of energy used each day by 2,000 people
  • the waste reduced by using recycled paper is equivalent to the trash discarded each day by nearly 3,000 people
  • The green-house gasses not emitted into the air because of the use of recycled paper are equivalent to permanently taking an SUV off the road
“The creation of The Green Book is Office Depot’s latest reinforcement of the company’s recycling and pollution reduction initiatives, and is an excellent example of the steps we are taking to promote and develop markets for environmentally sound products,” Elm said.