Audubon Partnership Seeks Greener Hotels

Audubon Partnership Seeks Greener Hotels

Audubon International is partnering with TerraChoice Environmental Services to expand environmental and eco-efficiency initiatives within the hospitality industry throughout North America.

The two-tiered program combines environmental awareness and education with best management practices tailored to the hotel and resort industries. During the initial stage, a member receives educational materials and begins making improvements in its environmental performance.

In stage two the hotel completes an environmental checklist which reviews all functioning areas of operation. It then receives a verification audit, followed by a rating -- from one to five Green Leafs -- for its level of achievement, together with a report that details ways to improve and achieve an even higher rating in the future.

“Hotels participating in the Audubon Green Leaf program will be provided the opportunity to reduce costs and improve performance, as well as achieve a Green Leaf rating that enables them to make gains in market share,” says Kevin Gallagher, Vice President of the Canadian-based TerraChoice. “From the initial level to the more advanced, hotels can work with the program to their advantage.”

"We feel confident that our partnership with TerraChoice and our work with hotels and resorts will lead the hospitality industry down a path of greater sustainability," says Kevin Fletcher, Audubon International Director of Programs and Administration. “That will benefit not only participating hotels, but also the quality of environment in the communities in which they are located.”

The partnership between TerraChoice and Audubon International combines the strengths of both organizations. TerraChoice has vast experience and investment in the hospitality sector. It developed and since 1997 has managed the Green Leaf program in Canada in cooperation with the Hotel Association of Canada. Audubon International has worked to help people and communities to improve and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources through its Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, Audubon Signature, and Sustainable Communities programs.

TerraChoice also manages eco-rating programs for marinas and golf courses and Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program. It assists businesses in turning environmental investment into market advantage.