Clean-Energy Market Will Power Up to $92 Billion by 2013, Says Report

Clean-Energy Market Will Power Up to $92 Billion by 2013, Says Report

Solar, wind, and fuel cells are poised to grow from a $12.9 billion industry today to $92 billion by 2013, according to a new report .

The free report, by San Francisco-based Clean Edge, Inc., examines the factors that are influencing clean-energy markets and tracks five key trends, including how some innovative utilities are using clean energy as a price hedge for customers, how China is poised to embrace new energy technologies, and how Europe is the leader in wind production with 70% of the global market. The report can be downloaded at

Clean Edge asserts that clean-energy technologies of are set to take off, but cites three factors as the key to bringing clean-energy to the mainstream: more supportive government policies, more dollars for R&D and commercialization, and continued technological advancements

“Assuming that solar, wind, and fuel cells continue their year-over-year growth, we foresee the clean-energy market reaching $92 billion by 2013” said Ron Pernick, co-founder of Clean Edge. “New government policies and continued investment from venture capitalists and multinationals are playing a critical role in what we see as a bright future for clean-energy growth.”

Among the “key trends” cited in the report:

  • Cleaner Cars Get Traction: Hybrids move from “curiosity” to mainstream, as a Japanese firm leads the way and American automakers are left behind.

  • Green Power Becomes Price Hedge: One U.S. energy utility’s vision of providing long-term green-energy contracts becomes a model for other utility companies.

  • Clean Energy Goes Local: Flagging federal funding incites state and local governments to pick up the slack, bringing clean energy within reach.

  • Wind Power Takes Europe by Storm: An estimated 14 million European households are being electrified by wind power, accounting for more than 70% of global installed utility-scale wind power.

  • China Harnesses Clean Energy: Home to seven of the world’s most polluted cities, China and its booming economy will be pivotal in turning the clean-energy market on its ear…and several clean-energy companies have plans to help.

    The report also profiles companies that are spearheading each of the five trends, including Denso Corp. (clean cars); Austin Energy (price hedge); PowerLight Corp. (local initiatives); National Wind Power Ltd. (wind in Europe); and GT Solar Technologies (solar in China).

    Clean Edge projects that wind, solar, and fuel cells -- three high-growth markets -- will demonstrate annual double-digit growth rates, with wind growing from $7.5 billion to $47.6 billion, solar from $4.7 billion to $30.8 billion, and fuel cells and distributed hydrogen from $700 million to $13.6 billion over the coming decade.

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