Starbucks Brews up a Celebration of Environmental Stewardship

Starbucks Brews up a Celebration of Environmental Stewardship

Starbucks Coffee Co. is brewing up a month of environmental awareness in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada from now through Earth Day. The first-ever campaign for Starbucks will engage customers “in a dialog of environmental stewardship,” says the company.

The campaign highlights leading environmental initiatives Starbucks has undertaken and simple steps customers can take everyday to reduce their environmental impact at their local Starbucks and in their everyday lives. Starbucks will promote its year-round commuter mug discount where customers receive a ten-cent beverage discount when using a reusable mug or tumbler. Starbucks also encourages its customers to take advantage of its “Grounds for Your Garden” program, offering complimentary spent coffee grounds to customers, parks, schools and nurseries for use in gardening.

“Starbucks has an opportunity to make a significant impact with this campaign. We hope that by sharing stories of environmental stewardship we will inspire our customers, partners (employees), and even other companies to make environmental responsibility a way of life,” said Orin Smith, Starbucks president and CEO. “While we are dedicating this time in our stores to the environment, we recognize that environmental stewardship is an everyday commitment and a long-term investment in our future.”

Starbucks has implemented a number of practices and programs to reduce its environmental footprint. Starbucks has selected the following initiatives to highlight during the month-long campaign:

  • Earthwatch expedition sponsorship: Starbucks will sponsor 10 winners on an Earthwatch expedition to assist in restoring Costa Rica’s rainforest on a local ten-hectare coffee farm. To enter, go to by April 22, 2004.

  • Local Earth Day events and environmental partnerships: Thousands of Starbucks partners in the United States and Canada will celebrate Earth Day by volunteering their time to the environment in local communities.

  • Waste reduction efforts in stores: In March, Starbucks is giving every store partner in the United States and Canada a reusable tumbler to reduce the use of paper cups while on their shift. Other efforts that will be featured include reducing the size of paper napkins and the thickness of plastic store garbage bags to eliminate more than 1.8 million pounds of solid waste in 2004, and installing energy-efficient lighting and water-efficient rinsers.