Legal Sea Foods Launches Advocacy Campaign for Alaska Wild Salmon

Legal Sea Foods Launches Advocacy Campaign for Alaska Wild Salmon

Legal Sea Foods, Inc. has become the first national seafood purveyor to brand Alaska wild salmon as its salmon of choice and launch a major initiative that will educate consumers on the superiority of the wild product.

The initiative, launched under an agreement with the wtate of Alaska, is expected to more than double Legal Sea Foods' consumption of wild salmon flown in fresh from Alaska and reduce its use of farmed salmon. The campaign will include advertising and consumer information programs in East Coast markets from Boston to Florida.

Joining Legal Sea Foods in this program will be NorQuest Seafoods, Alaska's largest value-added salmon processor, and Alaska Airlines.

"We're in the fish business. We always strive to bring the best quality products to our customers, and wild salmon from Alaska is the best there is--plain and simple," said Legal Sea Foods President and CEO Roger Berkowitz. "It's the purest available, it's healthy, it's environmentally sustainable, and it has superior flavor. We believe we are the first major restaurant company in America to commit to specifying the origin of our salmon on our menu and through our servers. We also plan to introduce a seal of authenticity that will accompany each serving of Alaska Wild Salmon in all 30 of our restaurants."

"This is the start of a long-term commitment to Alaska wild salmon. More and more consumers are looking for the unique flavor and nutrition of all-natural products, and wild salmon from Alaska is as close to 'all natural' as any product anywhere," added Berkowitz. "We have absolute confidence in all the seafood we serve, including farmed products. However, Alaska Wild Salmon is our first choice from the standpoint of taste, health and nutrition, and the environment."

He noted that ensuring a steady supply of wild salmon from Alaska has historically been a challenge because of the decentralized nature of the Alaska fishing industry. "Now, thanks to new direct relationships with Alaskan processors, more wild product will be available to us throughout the year," said Berkowitz. "We'll also be able to offer consumers the opportunity to experience a greater variety of Alaska wild salmon species through new recipes developed by our executive chef, Richard Vellante."

Alaska wild salmon are born in remote and pristine streams, rivers and lakes. They migrate to salt water where they mature before returning to the waters of their origin to lay their eggs. The state of Alaska, which prohibits fish farming, has invested millions of dollars to protect wild salmon and their vast, untouched habitat and to ensure their purity and sustainability.

"Connoisseurs have long appreciated the unique taste and purity of Alaska wild salmon. Now there is growing consumer demand for this product. This program -- which brings together America's seafood expert, Roger Berkowitz, with NorQuest, Alaska Airlines, and others who sustain, harvest and ship Alaska's precious salmon resources -- can expand that awareness still further," said Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski. "Legal Sea Foods is in the vanguard in recognizing the unique appeal and health benefits of Alaska Wild Salmon and helping consumers understand those benefits."

Alaska wild salmon are rich in Omega-3 oils, and evidence of the fish's nutritional benefits and wholesomeness continues to mount. A recent study published in the journal Science points to Alaska Wild Salmon as the purest available.

Berkowitz said that a Washington, D.C., advertising campaign, including television, radio, and print, will break next month. Campaigns in Boston, New York, and Southern Florida will follow. Legal Sea Foods and Alaska Airlines, which offers daily service to all those markets, will cooperate on a number of programs, including a contest in which consumers can win trips to Alaska.