Twenty Honored as Innovative California Energy-Savers

Twenty Honored as Innovative California Energy-Savers

The California nonprofit Flex Your Power has announced the winners of its 2003 Flex Your Power Energy Efficiency Awards. The 20 awards were given to recognize businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and extraordinary contributions to advance energy efficiency in California.

Winners include local governments, high-tech companies, municipal and water utilities, homebuilders, community organizations, educational and research institutions, and a home improvement chain. Award categories included: Education and Outreach, Innovative Implementation Actions, Internal Policies and Reforms, and Lifetime Achievement.

Terry Tamminen, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency said, “As we head toward a summer where our energy supplies will again be tested, these Flex Your Power Award winners remind us that innovation and initiative can reduce energy use and save money -- while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.”

Flex Your Power is the statewide educational outreach effort -- initiated during the state’s energy crisis in 2001 -- to build awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and expand the state’s market for energy-efficient products, programs and services.

“Innovators in energy efficiency deserve praise, not only because they show how businesses can operate smarter and more profitably, but also because they help create a sustainable energy market in California,” said Sunne Wright McPeak, secretary of Business, Transportation & Housing. “Lessons learned from these award winners will be increasingly important for California’s businesses and their bottom lines.”

Flex Your Power‘s Lifetime Achievement in Energy Efficiency Awards for 2003 went to Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., a leading proponent of energy efficiency in the nation and presently a Commissioner with the California Energy Commission, and to Ralph Cavanagh, a strong advocate for energy efficiency in the nonprofit sector and presently senior staff attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Susan Kennedy, California Public Utilities Commissioner said, “I hope the Flex Your Power Award winners inspire all Californians to use energy more wisely and to help ensure reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally sound energy for the future.”

The complete list of 2003 Flex Your Power Energy Efficiency Awards is available online.