Clif Bar Wins Kudos for Green Power, Waste Management Initiatives

Clif Bar Wins Kudos for Green Power, Waste Management Initiatives

Clif Bar is the recipient of the 2004 Green Power Partner of the Year award -- the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) highest honor for purchasers of electricity from renewable resources or "green power." The company also received a 2004 Stop Waste Business Efficiency Award from the Alameda County Waste Management Authority. Both honors celebrate Clif Bar Inc.'s continued commitment to protecting the environment through programs such as the use of renewable energy, eco-friendly packaging and organic ingredients.

In selecting Clif Bar Inc., the EPA noted the company's continued partnership with NativeEnergy's WindBuilders program to purchase green power and promote the importance of renewable energy to fight global warming. Through its partnership with NativeEnergy, Clif Bar Inc. purchases renewable energy credits used to help finance construction of the first large-scale, Native American-owned wind farm. The credits offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by Clif Bar Inc.'s use of energy in its office, bakeries, trucking and business travel. Greenhouse gases are the major cause of global warming.

In the past two years, Clif Bar Inc. purchased energy credits to offset 9.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide-the equivalent of taking 792 cars off the road. The company also offsets greenhouse gases generated by employee travel to and from work by planting 1,000 trees annually in partnership with the non-profit American Forests. Trees absorb and store heat-trapping carbon dioxide as they grow, reducing the contribution that carbon emissions make to global warming.

Clif Bar Inc. also reaches out to educate consumers about global warming and renewable energy solutions through a partnership with Environmental Defense's "Undo It" campaign, a climate neutral biodiesel bus tour, green business workshops, its website and other media efforts.

The Green Power Leadership Awards, including the honor bestowed on Clif Bar Inc., are part of the EPA's Green Power Partnership, a voluntary program working to standardize green power purchasing as part of best practice environmental management. Clif Bar Inc. is one of just five companies and organizations nationwide to receive a prestigious 2004 Partner of the Year award.

"We're very honored that the EPA recognizes our efforts to support and promote the use of green power," said Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO of Clif Bar Inc. "By using energy from renewable resources, Clif Bar can contribute to the fight against global warming and help sustain people and the planet."

Clif Bar Inc. is also one of five local companies-along with Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Oakland Coliseum and Arena, Orcon Inc., and Children's Hospital of Oakland-to receive the StopWaste Efficiency Award from the Alameda Waste Management Authority.

The StopWaste award honors outstanding efforts at waste prevention, recycling and composting. Since Clif Bar Inc. began recycling and composting in 2003, the company has diverted from landfills more than 80 percent of all waste generated by its Berkeley headquarters. Last year the company collected and donated 2,100 pounds of used clothing to local charities. Clif Bar Inc. also recycles items employees bring from home such as used cell phones, batteries, and polyplastic bags.

By switching to recycled paper, the company avoided the production of 47,800 pounds of greenhouse gases in 2003. Its use of 100 percent recycled paperboard for product caddies (boxes) generates an annual environmental benefit equal to saving 7,500 trees and 3.3 million gallons of water.

StopWaste is sponsored and operated by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the Source Reduction and Recycling Board in partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric, the East Bay Municipal Utility District and the Economic Development Alliance for Business.